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Merger Creates a New Global Leader in Container Solutions

We are delighted to confirm that Friday (21 October 2016) Ferguson Group, Hoover Container Solutions and CHEP Catalyst & Chemical Containers merged to form Hoover Ferguson Group (“Hoover Ferguson”). The combined Hoover Ferguson business establishes a leading global provider of container solutions products in the energy, petrochemical and general industrial markets.

Hoover Ferguson brings together three industry-leading service providers with demonstrated commitments to world-class customer service, operational excellence and quality. Through continued growth and development, our customers will have access to an extensive range of workspace, cargo, container and transportation solutions through an unparalleled global network of more than 70 service centers, supported by a passionate and competent team of approximately 500 personnel.

The combined capability enables Hoover Ferguson to have a presence in every major energy basin and petrochemical manufacturing center in the world, providing customers with a full suite of products and services and a fleet of more than 110,000 high quality rental units.

Hoover Ferguson combines the very best people, solutions and industry expertise which enables us to continue to provide quality products and unparalleled customer service. This
strategic merger is a great opportunity for all three companies to expand complementary products and service offerings, while also strengthening relationships with existing customers.

We firmly believe that this exciting merger will bring real benefits to our customers andHoover Ferguson over the coming weeks and months, our focus will remain on customers like you to ensure we
continue to deliver the world-class service and high quality products that you’ve come to expect from us.

We are pleased to share with you an introduction to Hoover Ferguson which provides further information on our new organization and highlights our increased service capability.

Please take a look at our ebrochure and learn more about us.

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