Hoover Ferguson’s extended product line of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) includes a line of all-polyethylene tote tanks (poly tote tanks). These polyethylene vessels are durable and can withstand extreme service environments and harsh outdoor weather. Each poly tote tank is rotationally molded to form a seamless, one-piece polyethylene IBC that will not leak, rust, chip or corrode.

Hoover Ferguson poly tote tanks are used as chemical storage bins for industrial and agricultural applications, water and septic tanks, and are also UN/DOT approved IBCs that can be used for hazardous material transportation, as well as numerous other liquid storage applications.

The polyethylene is a reusable intermediate bulk container used in food and chemical commercial applications. When it comes to corrosion resistant storage totes, the Hoover Ferguson’s Poly IBC is the solution to your need for a hazardous chemical tote tank.

Our tote tank is a durable polyethylene IBC and is a design that promotes longer container life, low maintenance costs, and corrosion resistance while storing liquids up to a t.9 specific gravity.

Poly Tote Tanks
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