Our Catalyst & Chemical Containers meet and exceed industry standards. Our Catalyst-Bins are designed, manufactured and qualified to meet UN11 A/X standards: to deliver performance dependability, ensure customer safety, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Our Catalyst-Bins are built to withstand rough handling and accidental rollovers.

Specifications 37ft³ / 1m³ Catalyst-Bin
Length44″1300 mm
Width51″1100 mm
Height52″1380 mm
Tare weight~ 680 lbs~ 325 kg
Maximum gross weight~ 3410 lbs~ 1370 kg
Top lid opening18″ diameterØ 400 mm
Bottom Slide Gate Opening9″ x  22″235 x 565 mm
Pick upfour-way pickup by forkliftfour-way pickup by forklift
Capacity~37 CU FT1000 litres
Hoistingtwo lifting lugsfour lifting lugs
Materialsolid steel 0.12″solid steel 3 mm
UN ClassificationUN/11A/XUN/11A/X