The SPA Catalyst-Bin is specifically designed for operational ease in catalyst unloading as the Bin has a fully removable top lid.
There’s no bottom opening on the SPA Catalyst-Bin as such it is suitable for unloading and storing of copper and wet catalysts.
A forklift with a rotating fork is required to safely lift and empty the Bins.
The SPA Catalyst-Bins can be stacked two high, increasing storage efficiency.

Specifications SPA Catalyst-Bin
Length59″1500 mm
Width43″1100 mm
Height66″1690 mm
Tare weight~ 815 lbs~ 370 kg
Removable top lid58″ x 42″1490 x 1090 mm
Closure top lid8 quick-closer handles8 quick-closer handles
Pick upfour-way pickup by forkliftfour-way pickup by forklift
Capacity~ 60 CU FT1700 litres
Hoistingfour lifting lugsfour lifting lugs
Materialsolid steel 0.12″solid steel 3 mm
UN ClassificationUN/11A/YUN/11A/Y
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