Catalyst & Chemical continues to expand its range of innovative products with the introduction of the UN certified rigid composite intermediate bulk container (IBC), the X-1.
The X-1 is an One-Way Package (OWP) that has been specifically designed to store catalyst for extended durations and is suitable for all modes of transportation.
The X-1 is a disposable single use IBC offered for direct sale and is sourced through CCC’s strategic global inventory and shipped directly to your location.
The introduction of the X-1 complements our proven fleet of pooled Catalyst-Bins and associated service offerings.
The X-1 provides a costs effective solution for long storage duration, transboundary shipments, maritime transport and remote projects. The X-1 is approved to package hazardous solids within IB codes 6, 7, 8 and packing group II & III and is available throughout our global network.


  • 3 x 2 “ webbing belly band
  • 4 x 1” webbing bottom position loops to hold straps in place
  • Size & shape designed to maximize transportation efficiency 4300 lbs. max payload
  • Construction materials can withstand temperatures up to 250F / 121C
  • Top lift tested to a 6:1 safe working load, 25,800 lbs.
  • Metal D-ring design for secure top lid closure


  • Global availability – Inventory in North America, The Netherlands and Singapore
  • Ship up to 260 empty X-1’s per 40’ sea container
  • Approved for UN 3190 Class 4.2, self-heating solid, inorganic, n.o.s
  • Approved for UN 3077 Class 9, Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s
  • Compatible with all processors worldwide
  • Supported by CCC’s 25 years of catalyst packaging & logistics expertise

Capacity comparison to drums
One X-1 is equivalent to eight 55 gallon / 200 litre drums
X-1 will offer a significant advantage for ISO Container loading vs. alternatives allowing for payloads up to 4,300 lbs / 1.950 kg. – saving as much as 20% of freight costs.


X-1 ImperialMetric
Length36″914 mm
Width36″944 mm
Height80″2032 mm
Tare weight69 lbs31,3 kg
Capacity60ft³1699 litres
Weight Capacity4300 lbs1950 kg
UN ClassificationUN11HG2WUN11HG2W